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At MMC Displays, we create innovative and streamlined merchandising solutions for our clients every day. Below are some examples:

Tri-Power Cooler:

The challenge: design a refrigeration display for a major packaged food manufacturer that was both design-forward and energy efficient.

The solution: a three-year collaboration between our creative services and engineering teams brought forth the sleek and streamlined Tri-Power Refrigerated Merchandiser.

The totally unique Tri-Power can handle virtually any food or beverage product that requires refrigeration. Its unmatched ability to influence point of purchase decisions makes the Tri-Power Refrigerated Merchandiser perfect for marketers seeking an advantage in the competition for busy and distracted consumers’ attention. No wonder buyers at the NACS and other major trade shows have greeted the Tri-Power with wild enthusiasm. 

Tablet charger storage case:

The challenge: find a better storage solution to replace a big, blocky shelving unit for electronic bingo accessories.

The solution: develop a modular, stylish and stackable thermo-formed unit with a much smaller, sleeker design. 

A gaming operator came to MMC Displays looking for a better way to store, display and charge their wireless bingo accessories . Our design team replaced the bulky 5 ft. X 5 ft. shelving unit with a far more compact design that neatly stores and charges all necessary equipment.  The esthetics of this compact thermo-formed and stamped unit are just perfect for the modern gaming environment.

For more information on how MMC Displays can help you solve your merchandising challenges, call 1-800-666-1449 or email info@mikemeehanco.com.



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